About us

Hoeslandt (Hong Kong) Dairy Limited, founded in 2014 and a strategic partner of the HKEX-listed real estate giant Huijing Holdings Company Limited, is an international dairy company that boasts a full industry chain covering production, R&D, marketing and sales.Hoeslandt (Hong Kong) Dairy Limited has its own label and factory in New Zealand, as well as a strict traceable quality control system, with its entire line of products imported with original packaging from New Zealand.  Hoeslandt has created a multi-dimensional industrial chain covering its mature supplier chain and professional scientific research team to its diversified product line, with forward looking business layout and integrated marketing channels.

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Full Range of Products
Hoeslandt OPO Gold Growing-up Formula
Suggested retail price:¥238.00
Originall Imported from New Zealand Bred and Produced in Snowy Pastures
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Middle-Aged & Elderly Milk Powder
Suggested retail price:¥168.00
With vitamins and inulin, it promotes better digestion and absorption of the nutrients in the milk powder for the middle-aged and the elderly, rejuvenating your body.
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Full Cream Fortified Milk Powder
Suggested retail price:¥99.00
Imported with original packaging from New Zealand, thanks to its green organic environment and premium selected dairy source, Hoeslandt dairy all comes from our strategically cooperative natural pastures.
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Skim Milk Powder
Suggested retail price:¥108.00
Originally imported from New Zealand, rich in calcium and protein, full of nutrition without putting on more weight
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High Calcium Low Fat Formulated Milk Powder
Suggested retail price:¥178.00
With special package in aurora green cans, your energetic lifestyle and vibrant wellness are enlivened.
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